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25 Hours Left..

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As you know, the only U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Ron Paul has endorsed is Dr. Murray Sabrin who is running in the June 3rd Republican Primary in New Jersey. We have only 25 HOURS LEFT to make a generous donation to his campaign.

Not only has Dr. Paul endorsed his friend of 25 years, he has campaigned for him in New Jersey, he hosted a fundraiser for him and he has personally reached out to his supporters and asked them to donate and volunteer. Dr. Paul has said, “This is the most important campaign in America this year!” You can watch Dr. Paul making this statement on Dr. Sabrin’s homepage (http://www.MurraySabrin.com).

We need you to DO two simple things TODAY – RIGHT NOW:

1. Go to http://www.MurraySabrin.com and be part of the $25,000 in 25 Hours campaign – this final effort will allow Dr. Sabrin to run radio ads throughout New Jersey; you can donate from $25 all the way up to the maximum $2,300 per person – but EVERY dollar matters and TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

2. Go to http://www.SabrinForSenate.net and volunteer from home; volunteer for 30 minutes or volunteer for 3 hours – but EVERY minute matters and TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

This is a race WE can WIN and WE must WIN – it will send shockwaves across America!

In Liberty,



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May 29, 2008 at 2:34 am

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Freedom Movement Update

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Here are some events and projects that are taking place in the Freedom Revolution.


The “Quick Overview” List:

1- Marc Scibilia and friends are putting on a tour to help spread the message of Freedom. Checkout http://www.FreedomTour08.com

2- Linda (Granny Warrior) is holding a freedom festival in Sturgis, SD from July 2nd to the 6th. Lots of great speakers will be there. Check out http://www.grannywarriors.com and http://www.revolution4freedom.com

3- The committee for small government is seeking to end the Massachusetts’s State Income Tax. Join the fund raiser at http://memorialdaymoneybomb.com

4- Ron Paul HQ is seeking to put Ron Paul’s new book in over 230 New Hampshire public libraries. Visit http://www.ronpaulhq.com for more information.

5- BreakTheMatrix launches a new pilot and asks you to join their video militia. Check out http://www.breakthematrix.com/btmtv/thepublictrust to see how you can be involved.

6- A Revolution March is being held in Washington, D.C. on January 12th. Visit http://revolutionmarch.com/ for more details.


The “More Details” List:

1.) http://www.FreedomTour08.com

The Freedom Tour ’08 is r3VOLution musician, Marc Scibilia (writer of Hope Anthem and the musical score for the High Tide 3D Animation) and friends. We’re touring the US this spring/summer to stir the passion for freedom within the hearts of everyday Americans and encourage them to come join the fun in Washington D.C, July 12 2008 for the Revolution March.


2.) A Letter from Linda (Granny Warrior) http://www.revolution4freedom.com

On Thursday someone hacked my email account for about the 3rd time on AOL and sent out lots of obscene photos which caused AOL to terminate my account. Even after many phone calls with the AOL offices it was apparent that they were not going to reinstate my account so I have had to get other email addresses: grannywarrior@gmail.com is now our email address. Hopefully many of the lost addresses and sites will be replaced as we are in contact with our friends and supporters.

I totally apologize to all and any of you that received any obscene messages, they did not originate from me even though my email address was attached to them.

We are concentrating on our Festival for the Revolution in Sturgis and really don’t have time to play with hackers and petty people. The Festival is really coming along in a manner we did not even contemplate. So many important people have confirmed they want to speak or hold seminars and workshops we are busy setting up sites and purchasing some extra tents and seating for these people. This is so exciting to us to see these great people eager to share their knowledge with all of us and willing to take their time and money to do so.

We are also working on making it a fun week even for the kids. We are getting games together, simple things like Croquet games? Now how long has it been since you played this game? Volley Ball, Yard Tennis, Horse shoes? and a water slide for the children at heart. Have you ever been shot with a marshmallow? Yep we bought marshmallow guns for some fun contests, and when was the last time you and your kid participated in a three legged race? These activities will be so much light hearted fun and will hopefully give us all a break from the dour news daily we contend with. We all need a break while at the same time learning more and more on survival and happiness for our families.

Hope to see you all in Sturgis on July 2nd through the 6th and help us make it one of the best fun filled learning sessions ever. There will be good food at a very reasonable cost, not one single concession will be allowed to gouge us but will allow the people who run them to make a honest profit and give us all a break on the prices. There is no cost for Tenter’s, RV sites are really reasonable, $125 for the week and Cabins have all been rented. So you can bring a tent, RV or rent a room in town but by all means get out there. You will not want to miss the affair. We will have T shirts for sale there, but not online as we don’t want anyone to have a shirt that isn’t actually attending. That makes these shirts really special.. Where ever you go and see someone with one on you can say. Hey You were there too. The entertainment line up is spectacular with some of the best entertainers in the movement plus some that are not. Everyone is guaranteed to learn and have fun at a very low cost to a family. We all need to start paying more attention to the small things we do every day that could cost us a lot of time and money especially now when everything is so expensive.

Linda ( Granny Warrior)


3.) Memorial Day END the Income Tax Money Bomb – http://memorialdaymoneybomb.com

Ron Paul’s Revolution to END the Income Tax could become law this November
4th in Massachusetts. We ran this ballot initiative in 2002 – and won
885,000 (45%) of the vote. Everyone knows it has a chance to win the
majority it needs to pass this election year. So our opponents are
organizing to oppose it.

And the media’s covering this campaign like no other libertarian/small
government campaign in recent Massachusetts history. Front page news in the
Boston Globe. Coverage in almost every major news outlet over the last week
alone. And several of New England’s largest talk radio hosts are strongly
supporting an END to the Income Tax.

This initiative needs just 20,000 more petition signatures to get on the
ballot. Polling shows 46% against – and 45% FOR ENDing the Income Tax in
Massachusetts. A dead heat.

Help win the Ron Paul Revolution in Massachusetts by pledging and donating
to the Memorial Day Money Bomb. Any donation will help – even a dollar – to
ensure our place on the ballot. And make history in the cradle of liberty.

Please be part of this. Please help by clicking:


Also, please check out our latest video at this web site called “You


4.) The Reading Revolution from Ron Paul HQ in New Hampshire – http://www.ronpaulhq.com

The Revolution: A Manifesto is now out. And many of you have already read it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could share this book with thousands of others? How about we do that? Show them the Ron Paul spirit. We will be starting up a project that will donate The Revolution to all 238 public libraries in New Hampshire. The publisher has agreed to give us a nice discount due to the volume. I have a list of all 238 libraries and will start contacting them shortly.



5.) http://www.BreakTheMatrix.com site updates

Join “The Public Trust” Video Militia!
details on how you can participate in our new television program are here: http://breakthematrix.com/btmtv/thepublictrust
digg this story here: http://digg.com/television/Join_The_Public_Trust_Video_Miliitia

We’re building our cable video library!
You can influence what shows are played on our upcoming linear cable station here:
digg this opportunity here: http://digg.com/television/Building_the_BTM_Video_Library

We’ve added a networking section to BreakTheMatrix.com!
Please add us as a friend on MySpace here: http://www.myspace.com/breakthematrixcom
Please become a fan of our Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/BreakTheMatrixCom/16573140285
Please stumble us here: http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/www.breakthematrix.com/
and please follow us at Twitter here: http://twitter.com/BreakTheMatrix

Site Stats- the first 3 weeks:
BTM is 4,600 members strong. (Tell your friends about BreakTheMatrix and help us break 5,000 members this weekend.)
BTM has served over 472,000 page views in it’s first 3 weeks of operation under the new social network.
BTM has had over 52,000 visitors in that same time period.
2148 people have pledged to support our upcoming linear cable station by switching to cable providers who carry our programming.
BTM has had over 390 posts in the forums with over 2,130 replies in the forums.
BTM has had over 3,500 contant articles posted.
more stats to come…



6.) Revolution March – July 12th in Washington D.C. – http://www.revolutionmarch.com

Join us in a March and Rally for Ron Paul’s message of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom through adherence to the Constitution. Ron Paul is our Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker. Our line-up of Speakers will discuss topics such as: The Federal Reserve; The economy; The Constitution; The Ten Steps to Fascism; The North American Union; The Trans-Texas Corridor; Foreign Policy; The Iraqi Conflict, and much more. We are inviting Congressmen and Senators as well as Ron Paul Republican Candidates to attend and speak. There will be entertainment, book signings, and a chance to meet the speakers. In addition, we are organizing workshops a few days prior to the event for those activists who would like to learn how to effect change. The only real way to effect change is legislatively. We’ll show you how. On of our goals is to produce a new generation of campaign managers, candidates, and citizen lobbyists. We also plan to demonstrate in front of the Federal Reserve on Friday, as well as take groups of citizen lobbyists to Congress. Be a part of history! Join us! http://www.revolutionmarch.com

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May 19, 2008 at 8:57 am

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Break the Matrix TV in 12 million homes. Act now!

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We have the opportunity to distribute the freedom message to up to 12 million homes via our own 24/7 cable television channel.

We can make this happen but we need your help.  Just pledge you’ll switch to your local cable provider (at http://breakthematrix.com/user/register ) if they agree to carry BreakTheMatrix TV.

With the continued help and support of our community, we are confident we can quickly establish partnerships with many of the 1100 small independent cable providers that service more than 12 million households across the nation.

Please visit http://breakthematrix.com/user/register and pledge your support now.

Trevor Lyman

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May 12, 2008 at 10:10 am

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Basic Media, Inc. (Break the Matrix TV) establishes strategic partnership with cable operator… seeks to expand.

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Basic Media, Inc.’s new Break the Matrix TV channel has been picked up by independent cable operator Bay Country Communications, Inc., headquartered in East New Market, MD.

The initial launch of Break the Matrix TV will aggregate documentaries, video segments, news programming, and commentary from a variety of sources into a 24/7 broadcast network. After the initial launch, the scope of the channel will be expanded to include original television programming created and produced by Basic Media, Inc. Currently, six original shows are in the planning stages.

Revolutionary Approach

Basic Media, Inc. has adopted a revolutionary approach to get Break the Matrix TV programming to market at an accelerated pace. A key element of their approach involves offering the first round of content to independent cable providers, who serve more than 12 million households nationwide.

COO Trevor Lyman explains, “Our partnership with Bay Country Communications is an exciting first step in affirming the viability of our grassroots-inspired ground-up approach. BCCTV Vice President and co-founder Scott Shilling immediately recognized the value our programming will add to his current channel lineup. He was thrilled that his customers would have access to content that wouldn’t be available to Comcast customers in the area.”

Growth Potential

Across the United States, more than 1100 independent cable providers offer customers an alternative to the monolithic major communications conglomerates so diligently monitoring and controlling the programming they broadcast. Building on the success of Break the Matrix TV’s launch on the Bay Country Communications network, Basic Media, Inc. will execute similar broadcasting contracts with independent cable operators across the nation.

“We’re asking people to help spread the message by creating an account at http://www.BreakTheMatrix.com and indicating their willingness to switch to the independent provider in their area, should the company choose to carry our programming.” says Shelly Roche of Basic Media, Inc. “We’ll be able to approach potential cable partners with a list of pledged subscribers as additional evidence of the value our content will bring to their lineup. With the continued help and support of our community, we are confident we can quickly reach more than 12 million households across the nation.”

It’s Time – Let’s Take Back the Media!

Please visit http://www.BreakTheMatrix.com and click the “PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT” button to pledge your support.

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May 7, 2008 at 8:37 pm

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