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Basic Media, Inc. (Break the Matrix TV) establishes strategic partnership with cable operator… seeks to expand.

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Basic Media, Inc.’s new Break the Matrix TV channel has been picked up by independent cable operator Bay Country Communications, Inc., headquartered in East New Market, MD.

The initial launch of Break the Matrix TV will aggregate documentaries, video segments, news programming, and commentary from a variety of sources into a 24/7 broadcast network. After the initial launch, the scope of the channel will be expanded to include original television programming created and produced by Basic Media, Inc. Currently, six original shows are in the planning stages.

Revolutionary Approach

Basic Media, Inc. has adopted a revolutionary approach to get Break the Matrix TV programming to market at an accelerated pace. A key element of their approach involves offering the first round of content to independent cable providers, who serve more than 12 million households nationwide.

COO Trevor Lyman explains, “Our partnership with Bay Country Communications is an exciting first step in affirming the viability of our grassroots-inspired ground-up approach. BCCTV Vice President and co-founder Scott Shilling immediately recognized the value our programming will add to his current channel lineup. He was thrilled that his customers would have access to content that wouldn’t be available to Comcast customers in the area.”

Growth Potential

Across the United States, more than 1100 independent cable providers offer customers an alternative to the monolithic major communications conglomerates so diligently monitoring and controlling the programming they broadcast. Building on the success of Break the Matrix TV’s launch on the Bay Country Communications network, Basic Media, Inc. will execute similar broadcasting contracts with independent cable operators across the nation.

“We’re asking people to help spread the message by creating an account at http://www.BreakTheMatrix.com and indicating their willingness to switch to the independent provider in their area, should the company choose to carry our programming.” says Shelly Roche of Basic Media, Inc. “We’ll be able to approach potential cable partners with a list of pledged subscribers as additional evidence of the value our content will bring to their lineup. With the continued help and support of our community, we are confident we can quickly reach more than 12 million households across the nation.”

It’s Time – Let’s Take Back the Media!

Please visit http://www.BreakTheMatrix.com and click the “PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT” button to pledge your support.


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May 7, 2008 at 8:37 pm

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