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Tonight at midnight starts the money bomb for Rand Paul – www.KentuckyFight.com.  This money bomb is being hosted by www.RonPaulForums.com.

Here is some info taken from www.DailyPaul.com

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From KentucyFight.com:

On September 23rd, twenty three Republican US Senators are holding a $500 per plate fundraiser in Washington DC for Trey Grayson – Rand Paul’s opponent. This deck stacking favoritism in a highly contested GOP primary is unacceptable.

Join in the fight and help Rand Paul deliver a knock out punch to establishment candidate Trey Grayson with a pledge to donate $100 on the same date!

Read about the DC establishment’s fundraiser for one of their own here.

Our grassroots goal is to bring together 5,000 common people to donate $100 each creating a one day donation total of $500,000!

Make your pledge at KentucyFight.com.

On the 23rd, make your donations at: RandPaul2010.com

* * *

Free State Project

The Free State Project is having a money bomb on October 1st.  They are trying to raise $20,000. They are giving a free round of silver to anyone who donates over $100. You can make your pledge to participate here:   http://wheresliberty.org/?q=20k_for_20k

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Do you have a freedom oriented blog?

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September 22, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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