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Chris Simcox throws his first punch

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KOMcCain.com - A Chris Simcox Money Bomb

Chris Simcox is running for the United States Senate as a True Conservative Republican in Arizona against the one and only John McCain, official RINO poster child for the GOP.

Here is a collection of clips with Chris Simcox on national news calling out John McCain for his disgraceful policies.


In order to defeat McCain Chris Simcox he needs your help. He is looking for 1000 people to pledge $50.00 to support his campaign. Please visit www.KOMCCAIN.COM right now and make your pledge.

If you believe that We, the People need to stand up and protect the 2nd Amendment, “the Right to Keep and Bear Arms”.

If you believe that We, the People, need to stand up and protect the 10th Amendment, “States Rights”.

If you believe it is time to GET THIS COUNTRY BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK!

Then, send a message to Obama, Pelosi, Reed and McCain by Pledging Today, and help elect an “Honest Conservative Voice” to the United States Senate that will truly represent Arizona and the American People.

Go to http://www.KOMcCain.com and pledge today.


Trevor Lyman


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September 28, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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