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1,000 pledges and two new James Sugra videos for Nov 5th moneybomb

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1,000 pledges

As I write this we’re about 50 pledges away from 1,000 total pledges with 2 weeks to go until the www.ThisNovember5th.com money bomb.  Now is the time to start spreading the word to make this a successful event.  It seems that facebook and youtube are the best places to share content these days so I’m including a short list of some actions you can take on these sites to help get the word out.

Here are links to two great new November 5th promotion videos made by James Sugra (creator of the original November 5th video and concept).

Video One

Video Two

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Facebook Promotion:

Please join the facebook cause (thank you Mark McDonald) and invite all of your  facebook friends.

Please share the youtube videos on facebook and ask others to re-post the videos as well.

Please change your profile picture to this image: http://thisnovember5th.com/NewBanners/ThisNovember5th_300x250.jpg

Youtube promotion:

Please subscribe to the Nov5th YouTube channel (thank you Nathan Diehl)

Please watch, rate and share the videos on this channel

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you to everyone who has pledged, to everyone who has been and will be promoting this important effort and especially to all of the great freedom candidates who spend their time and energy spreading the message of liberty for our benefit.  Their efforts to lead us to liberty bring hope and inspiration to us all.


Trevor Lyman

ThisNovember5th.com - multi-candidate mass donation day


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October 23, 2009 at 5:46 am

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