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This Feb 13 Protect Your Rights, Money Bomb!

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Here is an email from James Sugra about today’s fundraising money bomb for Bill Hunt who is running for Sheriff of Orange County, CA.

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Call to Action: Feb 13, Protect Your Rights!
A Money Bomb in support of Bill Hunt
By: James A. Sugra

It has been 3 years since our movement united to defend presidential candidate Ron Paul with the Money Bomb. I recall the day as if it were yesterday as 40,000 patriots united under one banner of freedom to rally on November 5, 2007.  It’s still remarkable to me how a group of patriots could propel a third party candidate to make US politcal history in a single day. As a result it would inspire constitutional reform in the years to come. My belief is that the movements we see emerging today are a direct result of our patriotism and dissent from our actions in 2007.

I wish to also extend my graditude since I have this rare forum today. On November 10, 2007 I would be credited with the greatest achievement of my life as the creator of November 5th mass donation for Ron Paul. As a political activist and fellow supporter of liberty. I wish to present to you a unique call to action plan to defend a man who was exiled by his own goverment and needs your support.

The person I speak of today was faced with severe polical injustice in 2006 for doing nothing more than living up to his oath of office to better his community. This rally call is for Sheriff’s candidate Bill Hunt of Orange County,CA in his 2010 race. While Bill Hunt is not widlely known in our circles his story has inspired me to join his cause and help him fight. I hope you will help me unite the liberty movement and mobilize this Money Bomb operation in the next 24 hours.

The leadership choices of the sheriff will determine not only whether we the people are safe, but also whether our Constitutional rights are respected and cherished, or disregarded and diminished.  Bill Hunt has proven he can be trusted and do whats right no matter what the consequences through his trials and tribulations.

On this Saturday Feb 13, 2010  I hope you will consider making a contriubtuion in honor of, Bill Hunt. In return his campaign will send you a copy of Bill Hunt’s new book. “Bill of Rights!”- A call for a renewal of Constitutional values and recommitment to duty in the Office of the County Sheriff”. This is the story of Bill Hunt how he stood up for his community. Bill Hunt is a staunch supporter of the constitution and challenged an entire county of corruption from his own boss to a federal court case where he fought for his right to freedom of speech.

I hope you will help pledge your support today.

In Liberty,

James A. Sugra

More information: www.BillhuntforSHeriff.com

Donate Feb 13, http://billhuntforsheriff2010.com/events/2010-02-05/join-the-hunt-feb-13-0
Share/ pledge facebook
SHARE / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=247082597786&ref=tse

Endorsed by: Sheriff Richard Mack read quote from

Republican Liberty Caucus of Ca


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February 12, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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  1. I am assuming he is an oath keeper? Does he believe as Richard Mack of Az?


    February 13, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    • I’m pretty sure he has been endorsed by Sheriff Mack. Sheriff Mack spoke at one of his previous fundraisers.


      February 13, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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