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“Guantanamo” by Nadir

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Nadir from the band “Distorted Soul”, who also covered Ron Paul’s “Rally for the Republic” on special assignment with MTV, has released a new music video for the anti-war movement.  “Guantanamo” is a passionate anti-war ballad that plays like Santana and Lenny Kravitz are sharing a stage.  I think you’ll enjoy the song and it has a great message.  Please click the image below to watch.

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The Federal government is trampling on the states’ Constitutionally-mandated right to choose their own alcohol policies. In our society an 18 year-old is required to register for the draft, but thanks to Federal intrusion, cannot purchase a beer. Visit http://www.chooseresponsibility.org to learn more about the effort to return control of alcohol policy to its rightful place.

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Reviving the anti-war effort

Over a year has passed since Obama took office and no end to the U.S. wars of aggression are in sight, in fact they are expanding.  The “give him a chance” and “wait and see” mentality of Obama supporters, who were promised an end to the wars, is starting to wane.  Now that Barack’s own supporters are questioning his Bush era policies the anti-war movement can be revived, and it’s long overdue.

Next week I’ll be announcing a project I hope we can work together on, and one that I hope can give strength to the many anti-war projects that are already out there.  Obama made a promise to the American people and to our troops that was crystal clear and he must keep it.

Click to watch:

By the way, this video was making the rounds on the web (just do a search for “Obama promised to end the war”) but the orginal was removed”.  Why would MSNBC pull this clip?

It used to be here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LsSppYxSH

Please download and repost it to your youtube channel.  You can download youtubes with a tool like this: http://keepvid.com/


Trevor Lyman


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January 21, 2010 at 2:27 am

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John Dennis money bomb today w/ endorsement by Ron Paul!

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Earlier today Ron Paul endorsed and contributed to the John Dennis for Congress campaign through his Liberty PAC.

I’ve included the press release for the endorsement and money bomb .

You can contribute now at http://www.JohnDennis2010.com

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Ron Paul Endorses John Dennis

Congressman Ron Paul today endorsed John Dennis in his Republican bid for United States Congress. Mr. Dennis, a successful entrepreneur and longtime liberty-minded GOP activist, is running to unseat Nancy Pelosi in California’s 8th District.

Said Dr. Paul, “John Dennis is truly committed to Liberty, personal freedom, fiscal discipline and a more sensible foreign policy. I am very happy that John has decided to run for Congress and wholeheartedly endorse him.”

John Dennis Mad as Hell Money Bomb Today

Today, a mass fund-raising effort will take place to escalate awareness and media attention around John Dennis’ candidacy. The goal of this event is to raise as much money possible in a twenty-four hour period, shocking the nation with the plausibility of a legitimate challenge to Nancy’s reign.

Be a part of history. Contribute Now!

The elitists and special interest groups will do everything they can to keep us under their thumbs. It is up to US to make a stand. It is up to US to take our country back. It is up to US to tell this government, “We are mad as hell, and we are NOT going to take it anymore!”

Are you mad as hell? Support John Dennis now!

Help us spread the word about John Dennis, the money bomb, and this historic congressional race.

In Liberty,
The John Dennis 2010 Campaign

# # #


Trevor Lyman

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January 7, 2010 at 9:55 pm

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Rand Paul Money Bomb Today

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We began the journey to elect Rand Paul to the U.S. Senate seven months ago in May, 2009.  Our efforts have been rewarded.  Today, Rand Paul leads in the polls and has out raised his opponent by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Rand Paul is considered a serious contender by the local and national media everywhere.  Gone are the days of the “he can’t win” mentality, finally!

But the race is far from over.  Trey Grayson’s rich establishment backers are raising funds for him again.  The simple truth is if we stop raising funds for Rand and Trey keeps raising funds, the press will report Rand’s campaign as running out of steam.  They will gladly and quickly hand our momentum over to Trey with a simple stroke of the pen, casting aside all our efforts.  In fact, many are praying for the opportunity.

Let’s stand together with Rand Paul and support his efforts to spread our message of liberty and to restore our great nation to it’s founding principles.

Please visit www.RandPaul2010.com and give all you can.


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December 16, 2009 at 1:51 am

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Kokesh and Paul

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This evening is your last chance to enter the Kokesh for Congress Rifle Raffle. It’s only $20.10 to sign up. The drawing is being held tonight and will be broadcast live on the internet. Click the banner for more details:

Donate $20.10 Now!

Also Rand Paul supporters are hosting a money bomb for him on Dec 16th. Please click the banner below to make your pledge of support.


http://www.TeaBombs.com continues to grow! We now have over 1,500 members and over over 19,000 votes. If there is someone you would like to see removed from congress please visit http://www.TeaBombs.com and make your voice heard.


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November 24, 2009 at 7:13 pm

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Critical Vote on Audit the Fed This Thursday

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November 18, 2009

Dear C4L Member,

A few weeks ago, we sent out an alert that Representative Mel Watt was attempting to water down H.R. 1207 in the House Financial Services Committee.

The latest reports we have received have informed us that a vote on the Watt amendment could come tomorrow!

There’s still time for us to stop this attack on Audit the Fed!  Click here to get a full list of Financial Services Committee members, along with their contact information.

Financial Services leadership seems determined to include Audit the Fed as part of a regulatory reform package instead of passing it as a standalone bill.

While C4L will still do everything in its power to fight for a standalone vote on Audit the Fed on the House floor, it is critical we challenge Watt’s amendment in Committee.

It will become much easier for our representatives to claim they still support Audit the Fed on the House floor if the Watt version passes, when, in reality, Representative Watt’s amendment puts restrictions on Government Accountability Office audits of the Fed.

For example, Watt’s amendment prevents the GAO from auditing or reviewing decisions to authorize, modify, extend, or terminate loans or liquidity facilities.

Congressman Paul will offer an amendment in Committee restoring an audit of the Fed’s entire $2 trillion balance sheet, but we have received word that some of the Democrat members may be waffling on their support for his amendment.

Help us turn up the pressure on these members!  Below is the list of Democrats on the committee who have cosponsored H.R. 1207.  Please call them and urge them to vote “Yes” on Ron Paul’s amendment. Click on their names to get their web contact information.

1. Rep. John Adler, NJ (202) 225-4765

2. Rep. Travis Childers, MS (202) 225-4306

3. Rep. Steve Driehaus, OH (202) 225-2216

4. Rep. Alan Grayson, FL (202) 225-2176

5. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, TX (202) 225-2531

6. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, FL Toll Free: 1-877-956-7627

7. Rep. Dan Maffei, NY (202) 225-3701

8. Rep. Brad Miller, NC (202) 225-3032

9. Rep. Walt Minnick, ID (202) 225-6611

10. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, CO (202)-225-2645

11. Rep. David Scott, GA (202) 225-2939

12. Rep. Brad Sherman, CA (202) 225-5911

13. Rep. Jackie Speier, CA (202) 225-3531

When contacting these members, remember that up to this point, they have been allies on this issue.  A civil yet firm tone should be kept during these calls.  They should be thanked for their cosponsorship, told that Mel Watt’s changes to the bill are unacceptable, and urged to hold the line and honor their promise to support transparency at the Fed by voting “Yes” on Ron Paul’s amendment.

And don’t forget to click here to get a full list of Financial Services Committee members.

For more information on the Watt amendment, check out this article by The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim.

We are continuing our work to achieve a standalone vote on H.R. 1207 on the House floor, but we must first stop the Watt amendment in the Financial Services Committee.

Make sure the Financial Services Committee members hear from you as soon as their offices open Thursday morning!

A vote could come any time tomorrow.  Call, email, and fax the Financial Services Committee members to vote “Yes” on Congressman Ron Paul’s amendment.
In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Click here to get a full list of Financial Services Committee members. Urge them to reject the Watt language and to vote for Congressman Paul’s amendment!




TeaBombs.com passes 1,200 members and 15,000 votes and growing.  Visit www.TeaBombs.com,  join and vote!






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November 19, 2009 at 12:17 am

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“Teabombs.com” launches effort to bring conservative change to Washington

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Just a few days our team launched www.TeaBombs.com.

In short www.TeaBombs.com is is a tool for uniting the Republican movement.

I hope you will join the site and forward this to every Republican you know.   I’ve included the press release below.


Trevor Lyman




Contact: Kurt Wallace, Media Relations, Teabombs.com

“Teabombs.com” launches effort to bring conservative change to Washington

November 11, 2009 – Across the country, voters continue to speak out against runaway spending and government expansion that threaten freedom and prosperity – for today and for future generations.

Today, a new Web campaign is being launched by the award winning creators of the “moneybomb,” the goal of which is to combine their proven and unprecedented fundraising results with the energy of Tea Party activists and other conservatives seeking real change in the nation’s capital.

The new site, http://www.TeaBombs.com, gives participants a chance to choose incumbents that need to be sent packing, and then to pick a reformer challenger, in a patriot primary, to take their place. Then, on December 16, the top ranked challengers will be moneybombed by donors across the country, giving their campaigns a jumpstart and a new network of donors that will give them the winning edge on the opposition.

The site is being launched today, along with a national television ad.

The moneybomb was the online marketing achievement of Trevor Lyman, now one of the founders of teabombs.com. The first moneybomb was launched two years ago today, and raised over $4 million. The teabombs.com moneybomb is taking place on the second anniversary of the December 16, 2007 moneybomb, which raised $6 million and is said to hold the record for the largest single day internet fundraising effort ever.

“We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of Americans – from the tea parties to the 9/12 rally in Washington – who are tired of business as usual in Washington and who are ready for conservative change,” said Lyman. “It’s clear there is a lot of energy out there, and the goal of teabombs.com is to translate that energy into action.”

“We are launching teabombs.com because it’s become clear that with few exceptions, Washington politicians don’t have the courage to govern on the principles they were elected upon. As a result, our generation and those to come are going to be on the hook for crippling debt that will bring our economy to standstill. We’re faced with a clear choice – more government, or more liberty. We think that more and more Americans are waking up and realizing our nation is at a crossroads, and that it’s time to choose,” Lyman said.

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November 16, 2009 at 6:17 pm

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They are excluding and smearing Ron Paul, please read…

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It’s already starting.   People are talking about potential Republican candidates for 2012 and Ron Paul is being ignored and smeared.

Look at this article from Andrew Malcom of the LATimes blog.

“With only 1,448 days left before the 2012 election, you-know-who is making plans to launch another long-shot campaign for the presidency.”

“..Of course, Paul’s total $35 million is only about two weeks’ or less take for the ’08 Barack Obama money-printing machine.  But since when have the odds ever deterred Paul?”

The facts are Obama had hundreds of millions in free publicity given to him from the main stream media and much of it was neutral or positive.  Ron Paul raised his money in spite of tens of millions in negative publicity freely given from the main stream media to him, and it looks like “free publicity” is still to come.

Look at this article.  Do you see Ron Paul?  In fact, Ron Paul supporters are described as “fringe elements” throughout the comments section.  And take a look at this Gallup Poll, Ron Paul is nowhere to be found.  Ron Paul is also ignored in reports on the poll here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  If we thought things had changed and were going to be different this time around we thought wrong.

The only question to ask now is if we intend to do anything about it.

I’ve started a pledge site that offers four ways for people to indicate their support for Ron Paul in 2012 at www.DraftRonPaul.com

Becoming a facebook friend is probably the most important way to indicate your support but the pledge is very important as well (especially in case any “technical” glitch comes along and destroys the facebook fanpage).  I hope you’ll take all four actions on the website and tell your friends to do the same.

The numbers matter.  We were laughed at until we could prove support for Ron Paul with his fund raising.  It won’t be any different this time.

Neo-con Republican’s rave about Sarah Palin’s nine hundred thousand plus facebook fans.  We need to do the same and more.

Please visit www.DraftRonPaul.com today and indicate your support for him to run and win in 2012.  It’s free to show your support and only takes a minute of your time.

We must start now, our opposition has.


Trevor Lyman


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November 9, 2009 at 2:39 am

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